Amicus Botanicus

The Amicus Botanicus Exhibition “Plants for Life” London 2008

Exhibition Images

The first Amicus Botanicus exhibition was held in London in October 2008. It was opened by Roy Lancaster OBE VMH F.I.Hort and the evening was enjoyed by both the artists and visitors alike. The artists had generously agreed to give a percentage of sales to Marie Curie Cancer Care. Each artist also contributed a painting for the 'Plants For Life' collection, which has now been donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care to help with future fund raising.

Some comments from the visitors book:

“What an inspired show, so varied in choice of plants and styles of painting. wonderful.”

“The Amicus Botanicus exhibition was an absolute delight. That your group of painters brought together skills, interests, vision and energies, and then had the vision and commitment to plan the exhibition, I found most inspiring.”

Special thanks to Ritchie Beacham-Paterson for the event photography.

Marie Curie Cancer Care - Devoted to life

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